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About GloCon
GloCon – The Team is borne.
Hamburg in 1994. A company is founded. It is to be named : Global Container. The name is to signify that the container is at the centre of activities of this PET-equipment provider and that the company will act globally. The registration officer of the Hamburg Registration Office cannot accept this name. He associates sea shipping containers with this term. His proposal : GloCon Technical Supplies & Trading GmbH. Ecco … so, be it ! Don’t argue with civil servants.

GloCon is founded as a limited company – a GmbH – on August 10th of 1994 and Axel Below is owner and managing director.
In August of 2014 the GloCon Team celebrates its 20ieth anniversary.
AbstandThe first order has been taken in France (Antartic/Intermarché) on October 15th of 1994 : overhaul and retrofitting and upgrading of a Corpoplast-stretchblow moulding machine, Modell B 80 of 1986, which was hidden away in a dusty corner. The machine must be equipped with a bottom lifting device for bottles with PETALOID-bases and must be upgraded from a 20-bar-blow air operation to one of 40 bar. In addition to this mechanical engineering work a novel 1.25-L-bottle needs to be developed and designed. This bottle had been designed jointly with the customer to match logistics and run smoothly on the air conveyor. This bottle needs testing and adjusting a couple of times.  GloCon does not yet own its own test-stretchblow machine and, therefore, needs to do the blow tests on such machine at a British friend’s plant in England. This implies quite a lot of logistics between France, England and Germany.

After complete overhaul on site (employing new IR-lamps, reflectors, new seals and many more novel features) the B 80 produces this new PETALOID-bottle at speeds beyond expectation.

Follow many more orders. By far most from abroad, finally since 1999 also from Germany. All of them relate to PET-equipment. From 1997 the GloCon-programme also includes preform-injection moulding systems – including reformatting the moulds and robots to preform geometries which are more up to the state- of-the-art and better meet market segment requirements.

GloCon’s motto : all considerations start at the PET-bottle. This is equally valid, if the customer only orders preform systems. After all – the preform is but a function of the desired bottle.

The product (preform and/or bottle) is produced on PET-equipment overhauled, upgraded, retrofitted, reformatted by GloCon at the highest possible rates of efficiency. Part of this focused effort is the compatibilization of preform and bottle in order to facilitate a window of processing sufficiently large for an normal operator to run the machine without problems.
AbstandMeanwhile, the One-Man-Show has morphed into an eight-brain-team with a large number of freelance experts specialized on specific processes and machines. The liitle startup office  is now part of a 3000 m2- complex with an assembly hall, a lab and a workshop.
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