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Injection Moulding Machines / Complete Production Systems for Preforms and Closures
PET-Stretchblow Moulding Machines /complete Bottle Production Systems
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About GloCon
Overhauled pre-used World-Class injection moulding systems for the production of PET-preforms which have been proven over years of profitable production-
Components of a Preform Moulding System (PMS): injection moulding machine (IMM - specifically developped, designed and engineered for PET-processing)PET : resin drier, multi-cavity moulding tools coupled with preform takeaway-robot, chillers for the hyrdaulich components of the system and the mould/robot, the dehumidifier and the compressor.

GloCon-functions : overhauling, retrofitting, upgrading (where useful and profitable) as well as re-formatting, testruns, installation assistance, startup support. Other assignements: staff training (operating+processing, trouble-shooting, optimization of cycle times).
For machines where the control systems are outdated, dysfunctional and beyond supportability, retrofitting of updated Siemens Controls S7 can be offered. Also: new mould components to "modernize", light-weight preform design and compatibility to new bottle designs - also refer to stretchblow moulding.
The latest delivery (in 2012) has been a HUSKY-Preform System, based on model G 300, built in 2001 - with a preform-injection mould with 56 cavities and form parts for a 31-g-preform and a neck finish of the Alaska267-typ + a 72-cavity hotrunner for later addition of an alternative preform.
A NETSTAL-injection moulding system of the PET Linie 48 Typ HP 3500/3550 model series of 2001 is nearing delivery date.

A HUSKY G-linie with a 600-to-injection moulding machine, model P120/130 E140 is planned to be set up at the GloCon plant by March 2013.

NETSTAL-Preform-Injection Moulding System, model PETLine 48 with HP3500/3550R-injection moulding machine, 48-cavity tooling for the alternative production variety of preform-types for bottles ranging from 0.5 to 2.0 liter with neck geometry PCO1810-28 mm; daily production = 300,000 preforms/day (21 g for 0.5 l)or more depending on wall thickness and material.

Preform Injection Moulding system with HUSKY, model GL300 (complete with 48-cavity-tooling, resin dryer and dehumidifier) for production of approx.275,000 preforms/day.
An analysis of preform cost customized for your operating conditions can be made on special request (without engagement as cost information assistance).
Overhauled pre-used, proven injection moulding systems for the production of PE/PP-bottle closures
The closure : a combination design moulded of HD-PE which is equally suitable for closing bottles with still and with carbonated beverages.

Illustration at left : combines PCO and BPF.
Illustration at right : various colours and print (e.g., brand logo) possible.
Click on the picture for enlargement
Click on the picture for enlargement
The GO/A-type of closure has a 144-line-design and therefore provides a pleasant grip; it assures optimum preservation of the carbonation level of the beverage in spite of its low torque for easy opening. The guarantee band is a one-way-type which remains on the neck after opening and is as reliable after opening with the BPF- as with the PCO-Version.
Click on the picture for enlargement
Click on the picture for enlargement
Equipment :
a basic system for production of GO/A-bottle closures consists of an injection mould with 24 cavities, alternatively 32 cavities employing highly heat conducting copper elements for efficient cooling and a hot runner system with plates made of high resistance and special stainless steel as well as a highly productive injection moulding machine with accumulators for quick injection and rapid movement of the mould carrying plate when opening and closing the mould as well as a masterbatch colouring device. The injection moulding machine provides a clamp force of either 1,600 or 2.000 to 2.200 kN. The ccycle time amounts to between 5.7 and 6.0 sec – which results in an output of 14,900 closures/hour in the 24-cavity-configuration and approx.19,000 closures/hour in the 32-cavity-configuration.
Click on the picture for enlargement
Click on the picture for enlargement
Photo upper left: 24-cavity- injection mould mounted in the machine.
Photo upper right : 1,600 kN-injection moulding machine (BMB MP16 Pi) with accumulators for rapid injection and opening and closing of moving plate.
NOTE : as these outputs are the ones which are mostly demanded by our customers (10,000-19,000 cph) we have focused on 24- and 32-cavity-systems.
48- and 64-cavity-systems can also be offered.
Special closures
We also offer systems with moulds for sport caps suitable for still and _carbonated_ (up to 8 g/Liter of CO2)drink applications in cooperation with FOSTAG, Switzerland. As the sport caps shown here consist on three components the production system includes three separate moulds.
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