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Investment Advice and Technology Consulting
Preform+Closure Moulding Machines / Complete Production Systems for Preforms and Closures
PET-Stretchblow Moulding Machines /complete Bottle Production Systems
Beverage and Foods Factory Planning
Auxiliary Equipment
About GloCon
Who is GloCon and what is its purpose?
Founded and registered in Hamburg on August 10, 1994, as a GmbH (limited liability company), it is dedicated to source good pre-used PET-processing and auxiliary equipment and sell it globally.

After acquiring and renovating a 3.000 m² -engineering plant GloCon relocated to Schwerin – industrial park and plastics technology hub in 2006. The purpose: reinstall and set up acquired equipment to recondition, demonstrate and factory-acceptance-test it (FAT) before delivering and starting it up at the sites chosen by buyers.

The GloCon (Global Container) logotype imparts corporate identity.
The sphere inside the PETALOID-pentapody bottle base imparts the essence of GloCon: the (PET-)container and the world.
GloCon work departs from the PET-bottle.
The PET-container/bottle is the focal object of all considerations and the objective of all work: resin choice, preform design and geometry, ambient conditions and the product it is to contain, protect and bring to the final customer.
We define equipment needs on this premise.
The two master machines at the top of the equipment hierarchy are the injection and the stretch-blow molding machine, its auxiliary „slaves“ensure quality and cost optimizing production process.
The relationship of the bottle to its  pre-product, the preform, is at the core of our customer assistance and is determined by the physical context, i.e., the type of resin and the stretch-ratios.

Key slaves are the PET-resin dryer protecting the highly hygroscopic granules from being deconstructed by humidity on the preform injection side and the oilfree, high-pressure blowair compressor on the bottle blowing side. The blowair compressor is the top power consumer; hence the importance of diligent sizing it. The contribution to bottle cost and CO₂-footprint is obvious. Do you know the cost of power in your site ($/kWh)?
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Phone: +49 (0)385-636 442-0
Our partnerships for the German speaking market
Our German language markets business* segment is devoted to ABC-blowair compressors and TECHNOPLAN-upgrades to improve the energy efficiency of blow molding operations. See separate section of our website (work in progress) in German.

*Austria, Germany, Switzerland.
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