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Vetro Meccanica


Preused, Quality Stretchblow Molding Machines maintained at high efficiency levels.

For the production for bi-orientated PET bottles

SIDEL Blowmolding Machine, model SBO20 series 2, manufactured in 2002

Currently in operation: 20 blowstations x 1.500 =30.000 bph), set up to run process preforms with PCO1881-neck finishes.

SIG/KHS Corpoplast Blowmolding Machine, model BLOMAX16 IIIC, manufactured in 2005, UPGRADED IN 2015

Currently in operation at approx.28.000 bph, set up to run preforms with PCO1881-neck finish.

Blowair recovery by AIRBACKplus (KHS-Corpoplast ®) – retrofitted in 2015 to reduce blowair requirement, save energy and downsize high-pressure compressor.

SIDEL Blowmolding Machine, model SBO8 series 2, manufactured in 2001

Nominal  output = 12.000 bph

Four (4) sets of blow molds

for four bottle formats/sizes

Semi-automatic Large Container stretchblow molding system

model PETCon10 – set up at GloCon for demonstration, manufactured in 2007:

the manufacture of large bottles with volumes of up to 12 litres.

Complete, including chiller, one blowair compressor with air dryer and one 10-l-mold

preform for 10-l-bottle,

10-l-bottle (drawing, blown sample)

closure and handle outside sourcing

Complete semi-automatic large container stretchblow system

with chiller, compressor, receiver, airdryer, filters (has been used for training + demonstration only).

Above from left2right: air dryer for high-pressure blow compressor,. compressor with accumulator receiver tank.

TetraPak Blowmolding Machine, model L X-6, manufactured in 2000

Currently set up for demonstration at GloCon:

L X-6 with preform tipper + infeed.

Enhanced heating by IR-camera-controlled high power single filament lamps in 6-lanes → precise temperature profiling.

servo-stretching technology for adjusting the stretch system to differing preform/bottle specifications on the touchscreen HMI.

Technical & economical Support

Conversions to alternative neck geometries are possible (optional).

Bottle/ preform design assistance.

e.g., „bottle family“designs

Capacity matching chillers, pumps, dehumidifyers, etc. on enquiry

For Sale Now: Active laboratory for sample blowing and testing preforms and bottles

Partial view of test room

Partial view of test room

Single Cavity Blow Station (max.application: Ø 110/H 360 mm) - Lab blower control

Single cavity blow station

Lab blower control panel

ZERMA-Recycling Mill (100-200 bottles/hour; depending on bottle weight and size)

Poralized Light Preform Checker

Burst Pressure Tester for CO₂ (CSD) bottles

set of adapters and tools for single cavity test blower

Blowair compressor

Bottle segment cutter

left: Topload tester, right: Height measuring device

auxiliary equipment

PET Resin Dryer, model DR104HT

Manufactured by PLASTIC SYSTEMS in 2007, complete with 1.200-l-silo, pump etc. - for 250 kg/hour