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Vetro Meccanica


Preused, Quality Injection Molding Machines and Molds maintained at high efficiency levels.


HUSKY PET-Injection Molding Machine, model GL300 DP100/110 E120, manufactured in 2004

and MOTAN-gaz-Resin Dryer, recently decommissioned and on display at operation site.


Extruder with up to 3.340 g shotweight, max. throughput 550kg/h, CoolJet 3-stage preform take-off plate (robot), 48-cavity-mold (pitch=52x60) for preforms with PCO1810-, alternatively 38-mm-neck finish, MOTAN resin dryer, model LUXOR GAZ Eta 1200, plus EISBAER dehumidifyer, model DAS112, manufactured in 2002.



left: Water neck 30/25
right: CSD+Water PCO28-1810

NOTE: Capacity matching chillers, pumps, dehumidifyers etc.on enquiry.

For the production of closures (HD-PE).

BMB-Injection Molding Machine, model KW 28PI/2200, 
with 48-cavity-mold for 34.560 PCO1881-closures/hour

NOTE: Capacity matching chillers, pumps, dehumidifyers etc.on enquiry.oith-gear pump + accumulators → for high speed injection + movements

Condition: the mold has run 9.000 hours (only!), cavity-assembly 700 hours (!). The BMB injection molding machine, made in 2008, has been in operation since

auxiliary equipment

Process support aggregates for injection moulding of preforms:

The resin drier dries the highly hygroscopic resin granules. The sufficiently dried material is an essential pre-requisite for a preform of impeccable quality with dimensional consistency which can be properly stretchblown. As a rule a drying time of 4-6 hours must precede the actual fluxing, plasticizing and injection of the material.
Even more than for blow moulding the sufficient cooling function is essential : one of the two cooling circuits provides the cooling for the drier, the hydraulic system of the machine and the cabinet - this would be a 20°C- circuit; the second circuit would provide the cooling effect for the mould, the takeout robot and - should the site of operation not be air conditioned - to the dehumidifying device. It is the mould which absorbs large volumes of clean 6°C-water for it to operate at short cycle times (= high productivity).

In order to prevent water from condensing in the cavities and on the cores resulting from the effect of the dry cold air it is imperative to either air condition the operating environment of the mould or to sue a dehumidifying cell instead.

For this purpose GloCon would install a dehumidifier unit. By way of a pipeline the humid air will be evacuated from the mould and preform takeout robot area.

Based on project and environmetal data GloCon sizes these machines and devices and usually supplies them as part of the systems package.