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Preused, Quality Stretchblow Molding Machines maintained at high efficiency levels.

For the production for bi-orientated PET bottles

SIDEL Blowmolding Machine, model SBO20 series 2, manufactured in 2002

Currently in operation: 20 blowstations x 1.500 =30.000 bph), set up to run process preforms with PCO1881-neck finishes.

SIG/KHS CORPOPLAST BLOMAX 6 IIIC preferential heating

A stretchblow molding machine for the production of customized PET-bottles (shapes) for special applications, such as oval bottles for food, cleaning agents and personal care products (shampoos, liquid soap etc.). In particular: cosmetics containers in „exotic“ design for exquisite, high-price products.

BLOMAX 6 series IIIC PH (Preferential Heating), manufactured in 2006

The PH-technology (preferential or „selective“ preform heating) facilitates blowing of non-rotational and exclusive („customized“) shapes.
TECHNOLOGY: the preform is heated from either side in a pre-defined manner by way of the mandrel on which the preform is sitting. The mandrel is locked in guided position. The precision by which this process is managed provides for the specified uniform material distribution.
The precise control of this process is prerequisite for consistent material distribution per design. Result: stable and light weight oval custom bottles/containers with perfect geometry, attractive appearance and cost effectively produced.
A process that promotes products through pefect esthetics in „unbreakable“packages.

This pre-used BLOMAX6IIIC-PH is specially built for the production of specially shaped custom containers. To selectively re-heat the preform at predefined sections of its geometry the rotation is slowed intermittently to achieve the heating profile required for the specially designed PET-container. The transport mandrels are designed for that purpose (see photo at left).

Machine capacity: 7.200 bph.

for bottle volumes from 0.2 to 2.0 l

size: max.diam.115 mm; max.height 350 mm;

preform: 60-200 mm, support ring: 35 mm

power consumption: 1.5 l-round bottle=45 kW

footprint: 7.1*7.9 m, height: 3.0/3.9 m

estimates for this PET-container blower for special containers on request. Please specify the target container (drawing!)

If you are interested in a video please contact us and we will send it to you.

SIG/KHS Corpoplast Blowmolding Machine, model BLOMAX16 IIIC, manufactured in 2005, UPGRADED IN 2015

Currently in operation at approx.28.000 bph, set up to run preforms with PCO1881-neck finish.

Blowair recovery by AIRBACKplus (KHS-Corpoplast ®) – retrofitted in 2015 to reduce blowair requirement, save energy and downsize high-pressure compressor.

SIDEL Blowmolding Machine, model SBO8 series 2, manufactured in 2001

Nominal  output = 12.000 bph

Four (4) sets of blow molds

for four bottle formats/sizes

Semi-automatic Large Container stretchblow molding system

model PETCon10 – set up at GloCon for demonstration, manufactured in 2007:

the manufacture of large bottles with volumes of up to 12 litres.

Complete, including chiller, one blowair compressor with air dryer and one 10-l-mold

preform for 10-l-bottle,

10-l-bottle (drawing, blown sample)

closure and handle outside sourcing

Complete semi-automatic large container stretchblow system

with chiller, compressor, receiver, airdryer, filters (has been used for training + demonstration only).

Above from left2right: air dryer for high-pressure blow compressor,. compressor with accumulator receiver tank.

TetraPak Blowmolding Machine, model L X-6, manufactured in 2000

Currently set up for demonstration at GloCon:

L X-6 with preform tipper + infeed.

Enhanced heating by IR-camera-controlled high power single filament lamps in 6-lanes → precise temperature profiling.

servo-stretching technology for adjusting the stretch system to differing preform/bottle specifications on the touchscreen HMI.

Technical & economical Support

Conversions to alternative neck geometries are possible (optional).

Bottle/ preform design assistance.

e.g., „bottle family“designs

Capacity matching chillers, pumps, dehumidifyers, etc. on enquiry

For Sale Now: Active laboratory for sample blowing and testing preforms and bottles

Partial view of test room

Partial view of test room

Single Cavity Blow Station (max.application: Ø 110/H 360 mm) - Lab blower control

Single cavity blow station

Lab blower control panel

ZERMA-Recycling Mill (100-200 bottles/hour; depending on bottle weight and size)

Poralized Light Preform Checker

Burst Pressure Tester for CO₂ (CSD) bottles

set of adapters and tools for single cavity test blower

Blowair compressor

Bottle segment cutter

left: Topload tester, right: Height measuring device

auxiliary equipment

PET Resin Dryer, model DR104HT

Manufactured by PLASTIC SYSTEMS in 2007, complete with 1.200-l-silo, pump etc. - for 250 kg/hour