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PET-related Investment Advice and Technology Consulting
… focussing on pre-used, operation-proven, modernized PET-bottle-production systems. This activity predominantly concentrates on machines of the two-stage technology, i.e., stage 1 : from the resin (granulate) to the preform and stage 2 : from the preform to the finished container. This concentration ensures the familiarity and expertise with the economic, technical and quality-related conditions of both stages of this process. This competence is put at the service of the preused-technology-investor.
Benefiting from the higher specific productivity level of new, state-of-the-art equipment (e.g., output per cavity and time), elements from this new technology are being used in the overhauling and repair work of pre-used equipment as far as possible and economically reasonable.

A further benefit at the service of the client and investor of preused-technology is GloCon's independence from specific technology for injection moulding of preforms and stretchblow moulding of containers/bottles. Instead, it is the opportunity emerging from the second-hand market where a released machine is used for a specific, actual project which determines the choice of the brand. At the same time economic feasibility and product quality are being secured taking advantage of technology available today which may even lead to productivity enhancement.
For the injection moulding of preforms KRUPP-, BMB- or HUSKY equipment may be the right choice; for container stretchblow moulding the choice maybe between KRUPP, SIDEL, TETRAPAK - to name a few.
The GloCon-Equipment-Philososophy also frequently incorporates - at the investor's request - financial/economic and technical advice, the assistance in the preparation of the project and the commissioning as well as the installation and startup and training at the new site.
The GloCon-Equipment-Philososophy is directed towards an economic objective which is defined by the production of quality preforms and containers/bottles at competitive costs and at noticeably lower purchasing outlays than when buying equipment manufactured new.
Product Development Support:
Assistance in the development of bottles under consideration of desired functional properties - shape consistency, mechanical as well as barrier characteristics (O2, H2O, CO2) and organoleptic features (acetaldehyde) - as well as feed back effects resulting from the preform geometries available in the market place; help with individual bottle designs for brand marketing purposes (form, shape, troughs, embosses, reliefs, contours) can be considered, too, … within the bounds of technical feasibility constrained by CO2-contents producing varying degrees of internal pressure in combination of ambient temperatures etc.or contraction effects of product following the drop of temperature after filling as in the case of some vegetable oils.

Advice in the pertinent selection of preforms - inclusive of compatibility tests on a trial single-cavity stretchblow moulding machine with subsequent suitability tests with a top load testing device etc. Part of such advice is the analysis of the preform geometry in relation to its stretchability to produce a bottle with optimum orientation. The targeted result is to be a container/bottle which possesses optimum mechanical and barrier proprieties (shelf life) at minimized resin consumption. The selection of the appropriate neck geometry (PCO or BPF for CO2-containing products, weight optimised water finishes for still water) equally contributes to such economy optimisation work.
Preform Geometry: "short + thickwalled" takes longer to mould, but offers distinct enhancements of bottle proprieties (by way of the stretch ratios).

Support is also given in the selection of PET-qualities which suit the specific application : medium viscous with low potential acetaldehyde content for still drinks/mineral waters or higher viscous for CO2-applications with footed base (Petaloid).
PET is clearly the most environmentally compatible packaging material - it consists of the elements oxygen, hydrogen and carbon not needing any additives. Hence, the material of choice for recycling !
A Bottle Cost Analysis based on the client's operational conditions will be conducted on special request
(without engagement as cost indication assistance) and made available.
A Single-Cavity-Stretchblow Moulding Machine for test purposes is installed ready in our work shop - complete with chiller and 40-bar-compressor.
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