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Beverage and Foods Factory Planning
Project Engineering and Project Management from Conception to Startup.
The Offer
The large systems suppliers in control of these market segments offer such services and supplies in the framework of general contracting. The buyer receives "all from a single source" with the warrantees of a large corporation.

This is advantageous.
Adaptability to the buyer‘s preferences usually fall victim to such mode of "all in one"-approach. Why?

The real manufacturing scope of such corporations encompass a more or less complete scope of necessary machines and thus facilitates the combination for a complete line. Admittedly, not all machines from such manufacturing scopes meet the challenge of technological leadership. As a result a plant/system/line is purchased as a package the composition of which frequently does not correspond to the state of the art and is not necessarily optimized in terms of capacity matching.

Another inconvenience of this mode of project packaging is the locking in of the buyer in a rigid and costly „spare parts dictate“ which comes along with such packages.

GloCon offers the option to its customers and investors to conceive lines and systems which are optimized technologically and in terms of cost and efficiency and which correspond to technology demands as well as to the state of the art.
Savings Potentials
Benefitting from a wealth of experience gained over decades on domestic and international markets GloCon assists in choosing the appropriate equipment under realistic best-price-considerations. Such procedure often results in substantial investment savings.

GloCon is capable to lay out a plant or line at optimum total efficiency and at the same time taking the buyer’s individual wishes and requirements into consideration when selecting the machine units.

GloCon ist he buyer’s companion throughout the project from its definition through to its completion and commissioning.
Conveying Systems, the arteries of a bottling line.
The selection and calculation of the suitable conveyors and conveyor connections for a total bottling operation is of essential, vital importance. To be sure errors resulting from a faulty layout can be corrected later on, but at high cost and productivity loss.
Hence, the optimum calculation and layout of conveyor and buffer sections providing the smooth product flow within the plant is an essential service provided by GloCon – again : under consideration of cost and efficiency criteria.

From its founding in 1994 until recently GloCon has focused on systems related services and equipment for the production of bottles and performs of PET.

GloCon has now reinforced its team of technicians to also work for the problem sections downstream from its “traditional” field and has complemented its scope by adding the full conveyor systems program.

It is also the result of successfully executed empty-bottle-transfer projects (PCO28-CO2-CSD-bottles in one instance and fruit juice bottles with a 38-mm-neck in the other instance); in these cases GloCon has engineered the connections between the stretchblow moulder and the bottling line. GloCon also supplied this equipment and commissioned it.

The satisfaction of the operators resulted from the following features and characteristics:
Airconveyor - Systems
AbstandAutomatic bottle adjustment for bottles with 28-mm- and 38-mm-neck finishes by electronically remote-controllable pneumatic cylinders;

symmetrical guide rail adjustment (both guide-rails);

asymmetrical guide rail adjustment (guide-rail);

straight-line channel layouts, differing customized layouts – customized curvatures and ups and downs;

climbing and descending channel layouts;

automatic shunting systems from 1 to 2 channels, 1 to 3 as well as 2 to 2 and 3 to 3 channels, performing as bottle stream conversion and divider shunting stations.
Important details that make a difference : support ring guides will be provided as gentle-handling plastic strips (project and client dependent with clips as wear part) or – if staff is minimal and maintenance must be minimized – alternatively executed as metal guides (cold hardened stainless steel) with minimized friction coefficient.

Along the length of the air channels inspection hatches are arranged in a in clearly laid out fashion and in regular distances.
The driving air stream is produced going through individually selected filtering stages and applying pressure stages and air volumes so as to suit individual transport and hygienic requirements.

Flexibility and customizability of the supplied systems are warranted by way of their modular structure.

Manual diligence at the manufacture of the air channel segments ensures precision assembly of the air conveyor and thus minimizes bottle jams potentially occurring on the bottling line during production. Generously configured curvature radii counteract possible inertias on those bends and thus contribute to avoid bottle jams and banking up.

The segments which are manufactured from stainless steel (AISI304, ST1.4301) are laid out into the individual bottling line and overall operational setup of the customer, delivered by GloCon and set up and then commissioned using expertise sub-contracted from the individual air segments maker.
Filled bottle – and packs conveyors
GloCon also plans and supplies transport conveyors for filled, capped and labelled bottles as well as for the packaged products till the palettizer and end of the line. In such case the controls of all conveyors starting with the empty-bottles-air conveyor line proceeding to the filled-bottles and end-of-line finished packages conveyors are integrated into one central control cabinet.
… for example: increase of output of an existing bottling line (uprating)
The output of a stretchblow moulding machine and its auxiliaries determines the maximum output of the bottling line and the stretchblow moulding plant produces all bottles sizes – more or less – at the same rates.


the performance of many bottling lines is constrained by the max.output of the bottle production plant (stretchblow moulding machine etc.) which has been defined by the larger bottles.

Solution alternatives:

1. Employing a bottle unscrambler which compensates the balance of bottle output by feeding the difference into the filling machine.

2. Employing  an additional stretchblow moulding machine which also compensates the balance of bottle output by feeding the difference into the filling machine.

3. Manual addition of balance of bottles.

GloCon offers a remote-controllable format-adjustable air conveyor system which transfers this compensatory quantity of bottles of between 6.000 to 14.000 bph to the filling line and in this way minimizes additional investment for a necessary increase of output and utilizes the actual output potential of the line components more fully.

The air conveyor system operates in automatic mode and is equipped with the necessary track switch. The system includes its proprietary control; it will be delivered completely wired and will be commissioned on site.
per 1. ... adding bottles from unscrambler
per 2. ... adding bottles from additional blow moulding machine
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